SSO Enterprise: Future-Forward User Management For Your Trello Team

Providing lots of manual controls and settings can be great for admins of teams who want to customize their workflows. As a company creeps over 100 employees, however, manually setting up accounts for each new user on every single service can become tedious and inefficient.

IT Admins can’t keep track of every tool and maintain its security for every employee of a large company. Lucky for them, they don’t have to. Learn why SSO and SCIM and other fun acronyms are a boon for employee security, and bulk actions make transitions a breeze.

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How to Automate ALL THE THINGS So You Can Freaking Live

I’m quoted in a GetBullish article about automation (aka bae):

At the 2017 Bullish Conferencespeaker Emily Chapmanwill talk more about tools, systems, and processes (full talk title: Tools, Systems, and Processes: A quietly profane, rambling ode to keeping as little stuff as possible in your head because you might get hit by a bus or just not want to think about it).

One of the tools Emily is “ride or die” for is Zapier, which moves information between web apps automatically, and which we use here at Bullish.

The application connects to hundreds of different sites, profiles and apps that we use for our shop, social media presence and subscriber lists. Then we get a nifty email each week about how many “zaps” (haha, robot talk) were completed. Automation + Quantifiable Results = the kind of efficiency one needs to do All The Things (and a baby, and having time to more or less maintain my biceps).

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I’m speaking at #BullCon17!

I’m very excited to announce that I’ve been accepted as a speaker at BullCon17, a conference for ambitious, feminist women.

The conference takes place November 2-5 in Washington, DC. I’ll be speaking on Tools, Systems, and Processes—basically a loving ode to TextExpander an scheduling recurring events on your calendar so you can devote your brain space to Polyvore collections and/or SQL.

Check out more info here, and buy tickets here.

A personal endorsement: I attended the first two BullCons, and I can absolutely say that the professional and personal connections I made with the women there have been the most beneficial connections I’ve acquired since I left school. It is incredibly worth the money and I am very excited to attend in addition to speaking.

6 Rules To Live By When You Work In An Office But Have Remote Team Members

“NYC isn’t for everybody, and the amount that someone wants to deal with street garbage in the summer has no bearing on their ability to be an excellent contributor to the product.”

I was quoted talking about street garbage in this article on the Trello blog. Click through to learn more, non-garbage-related tips for managing remote culture.

Coffee Talks: How To Brew Knowledge Share Culture In Your Company

It’s Friday afternoon: Do you know where your coworkers are?

If they’re Trello employees, since August 2016 the answer has likely been: at Coffee Talks. Coffee Talks (name inspired by MailChimp) are a Friday afternoon event where Trellists share their specialist knowledge about Trello the app or Trello the company with each other in the form of thirty minute to one hour presentations.

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Lana Ipsum

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 7.37.01 PM

This past weekend, I spun up Lana Ipsum, a lorem ipsum generator using Lana Del Rey-inspired lyrics. It talks about late capitalism and vodka a lot. A sample sentence:

Late capitalism cigarettes rock and roll lashes milkshake dreams ocean ocean.

It’s the first public-facing project I’ve done using JavaScript, and it came out of a long-ago, goofy Slack conversation with some friends coupled with the realization that somehow, no one owned

Lana Ipsum is hosted on GitHub pages at the suggestion of Barry Clark, Trello’s VP of Engineering. If you want to know how it works, or are tempted to modify it for your own ends, the code is available here.

The code that makes the site do its thing owes a significant debt to Daniel LeCheminant, who was very patient in showing me how to make a lorem ipsum generator in JS and at who at no point asked why the thing says “late capitalism” so much.

I made it look pretty with Bootstrap and Google Fonts, re-stealing some of my own work from my Sinatra capstone project for the Ruby on Rails course from Skillcrush. In the future, I’d like to add the option to tweet out your favorite sentences it produces, and possibly add the option to copy the text it generates to the clipboard.