​​Making the Most of Beacon 2.0

As part of my work with Help Scout, I had the enjoyable experience of hosting two different webinars on our Beacon product for proactive customer outreach. There are two—one for Beacon basics, and one for a more in-depth look at our Beacon API.

If you’re interested, you can watch both videos on the Help Scout site. Beacon is super powerful, and worth checking out!

Keep Customers In the Flow With Messages

A customer is browsing your store, ready to spend some money on a new wardrobe for winter, but they just can’t find the perfect piece. A big company is trialing your software, but they haven’t quite got their setup right and are struggling to progress. You’ve just released an awesome new feature, and you’re looking for ways to get more people to use it.

These are key moments to reach out and offer help: Share some personalized style advice, pop up a helpful video guide, promote a new service, and keep those customers moving smoothly in the right direction.

Read the rest at the Help Scout blog.

Providing Chat Support On A Small Team (Without Making Your Team Or Your Customers Miserable)

Slide preview

I had a wonderful time speaking at SD Expos Americas about how to provide chat support on a small team without making your team and your customers miserable. I used to say I’d never take another job that required me to do chat support, and, well, here I am!

If you’re interested in exploring this yourself, my slides are now available on the Support Driven Slideshare.