The Non-Coder’s Guide to Using the Help Scout API

When I first started working in support, APIs — the Application Programming Interfaces that connect technical products — were a scary unknown. They involved code, and I’m no developer, so surely they were beyond my comprehension.

Then I wound up being hired to support a product that was entirely APIs. I discovered that with a little effort, I could learn how to use them, and you can, too.

APIs are just the specific words servers use to tell other software what to do. If you can help those inconsistent and wildly undocumented humans get things done with software, you can do the same for a nice predictable computer.

Below, you’ll see a video walkthrough of the Help Scout Mailbox API. Even if you’ve never used an API before, we’ll have you up and running before you know it.

Read the rest on the Help Scout blog!

2 thoughts on “The Non-Coder’s Guide to Using the Help Scout API

  1. Hi Emily! This tutorial is amazing, I’m using it now as I finally bite the bullet and learn to actually use APIs. The organization and cadence is awesome. Help Scout is lucky to have it!


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