Engineering vs. Development

Recently, I participated in Healthify’s lightning talk series. I chose to speak on one of my pet topics: the concept of engineering versus development. Given that it was still a talk I was presenting, it of course had a goofy title and bright-pink color scheme:

Title slide: Engineering vs. Development—Why does Emily’s job title have “engineer” in it even though she doesn’t write code?

As the bright pink slides go on to clarify, I’m Emily; my title is “sales engineer”; I have never been a salesperson; and I don’t write production code. (The code I do write is instead used for the very noble goal of making Python play improv games, or generating Lana del Rey themed lorem ipsum.)

So: why is sales engineer an appropriate job title for someone who has neither a quota nor access to our production servers?

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Digital Health Done Right: Healthify

I recently helped assemble a blog post highlighting Healthify’s work with one of our partner organizations, Redox. Check it out if you’re interested in the digital health space, social determinants, or interoperability:

Every great while you run into a company whose mission is so pure it stops you in your tracks.

It breaks you from the illusion that capitalism exists solely as a means of generating wealth and reminds you that some organizations are founded on visions of making the world a better place.

Healthify is one of those organizations. Their purpose made clear by their mission statement. Their sincerity felt in every interaction.

“Build a world where no one’s health is hindered by their need.”

-Healthify Mission Statement

The obvious question when met with such a lofty goal is–where to start?

For Healthify, the initial target was clear: our healthcare system’s inability to effectively understand and address the social determinants of health known to dramatically impact health outcomes.

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