Lana Ipsum

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This past weekend, I spun up Lana Ipsum, a lorem ipsum generator using Lana Del Rey-inspired lyrics. It talks about late capitalism and vodka a lot. A sample sentence:

Late capitalism cigarettes rock and roll lashes milkshake dreams ocean ocean.

It’s the first public-facing project I’ve done using JavaScript, and it came out of a long-ago, goofy Slack conversation with some friends coupled with the realization that somehow, no one owned

Lana Ipsum is hosted on GitHub pages at the suggestion of Barry Clark, Trello’s VP of Engineering. If you want to know how it works, or are tempted to modify it for your own ends, the code is available here.

The code that makes the site do its thing owes a significant debt to Daniel LeCheminant, who was very patient in showing me how to make a lorem ipsum generator in JS and at who at no point asked why the thing says “late capitalism” so much.

I made it look pretty with Bootstrap and Google Fonts, re-stealing some of my own work from my Sinatra capstone project for the Ruby on Rails course from Skillcrush. In the future, I’d like to add the option to tweet out your favorite sentences it produces, and possibly add the option to copy the text it generates to the clipboard.

Thoughts on Going Un-Remote

My first job out of college was an on-site support gig in my hometown. I worked 2-10pm, which was an excellent shift for that season in my life, and allowed me to avoid rush hour traffic. Then I moved to my first-and-a-half job, for my previous employer’s sister company. This meant a pay bump, a move to 9-5, and a new location in the nicer of the company’s two buildings. After a year, I was burned out on the commute, on office culture, on waking up early. I moved on to my second-ish job: working remotely for my current company, which meant no commute and also no real need to wear pants or talk to humans all that regularly.

On the one hand, it was awesome. Stretchy pants and no makeup and waking up 10 minutes before work were all enjoyable for many months. On the other hand, after about a year, I realized that I was getting to the point where I was walking maybe 200 steps a day, and that not ever brushing my hair or talking to someone who wasn’t serving me coffee may not have made for the most dignified work day. Continue reading