Selling a financed car to someone who will also be financing

Recently, as part of a cross-state move, I sold my car. The car, which was financed, was being sold to a friend, who was also going to be financing it. This seems like it should be a relatively-common scenario, but, apparently not—I could find no car-buying or car-selling advice about what to do when both parties are in their 20s and do not have “buying a Honda Fit all at once” money. So, here’s the low-down that I wish I’d had three weeks ago, with the caveat that my experience is unique to Georgia and other states probably have their own horrifying, paperwork-laden versions of this particular experience.

The first step is, of course, to find someone to agree to buy your car. I accomplished this by texting a former work-friend who’s now just a friend-friend and saying “I’m selling my car. Do you want it?” This technique may not work in all situations.

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